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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


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I too wish it was used more. I can't tell you how many times I've read an article that talked about a video then had to go find that video.

I know there's an orange button for everything and the kitchen sink too (RSS, RSS 2, XML, etc), but has there been any standard button/logo suggested to indicate a Media RSS feed versus a regular RSS feed? It doesn't help Media RSS's propogation when it is a "pleasant surprise" or has to be "discovered". Yes, one could surmise from the content of YouTube that a feed might be Media RSS, but that is in no way a given.

While I understand the desire to know what a feed contains, I can't say I like the idea of a separate icon for MRSS-enabled feeds. That strikes me as something that would confuse non-technical users, and I'm just not wild about adding another RSS icon now that we're finally starting to settle on one :)

Just a pity they send the RSS files as 'text/plain'... makes auto-discovery more complicated.

To make things worse, it took me a minute to figure out I had to click the orange RSS button to get to a page which lists various feeds - I thought that was a direct link to a feed, the URL that showed in the status bar was a bit weird. I was trying to find the specific link Nick mentioned, and I couldn't find one on the 'top rated' page...

Nick, I hope not to be OT on this comment, since it is related to FeedDemon, but I would like to ask you wich style have you got configured on the screen capture from your post?


That's Surfer - the default in FD2.

Hey Nick, I just started using your software a month ago, having never used RSS before, and love it. It's freaking sweet that FD also supports MediaRSS. I'm going to start subscribing to media feeds today. Thanks!

Thanks, Andrew :)

Thats odd, I'm using that style, but I don't see the thumbnails at the top.

Paul, try moving the feed to a folder that isn't synched.

Ah yes, its working now. That is cool! Thanks Nick.

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