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Thursday, June 08, 2006


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Interesting. I'm astonished to hear that AQTime supported Delphi -- or did they tap in at the Windows API level?

*Ex Turbo Pascal guy here; thinks nostalgically of the past days from time to time*


AQtime actually works very well with Delphi - it even displays the Delphi source code for each routine, along with the hit count and % time of each line of code.

I'd love to hear how you used AQTime for performance profiling. We use it in our Delphi applications but currently only for memory allocation checks. We haven't played around with the performance profiling aspects, which I know is more of it's strong suite.

I love reading these more developer-focused articles, knowing something about the development history and style of what I consider a very succesful and commercial product.

Scott Johnson: I believe AQTime actually started as a Delphi-only or at least Delphi-focused product. I also believe it was either a decendent or at least heavily influenced by Atanas's MemProof.

Shawn, the case study briefly describes how I use AQtime's profiling features. The most common thing I do is create an "area" containing only FeedDemon code (ie: no Delphi routines), and then simply run FeedDemon with AQtime to uncover the performance bottlenecks.

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