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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


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If you could only add the possibility of choosing the DIRECTION of synchronizing (who overwrites whom)...

I seldom use Newsgator Online. I prefer FeedDemon instead. However, on the rare occasions I use Newsgator, I would like to have my FeedDemon feeds available, exactly as on the desktop. This seems impossible right now, AFAIK.

Ervin, the direction shouldn't matter. If you add a feed or folder to FeedDemon, it should automatically appear in NewsGator Online. Likewise, if you add a feed or folder to NewsGator Online, it should automatically be added to FeedDemon.

If you're not seeing this, make sure that you've synchronized your folders in FeedDemon. Also note that by default, FeedDemon only checks for subscription changes at startup. You can adjust this in FeedDemon's synchronization options.

I purchased NewsGator Inbox a very long time ago and then switched to Bloglines when I started to use multiple machines. FeedDemon and the synchronization features have brought me back! I can't wait to try the mobile edition.
Nick: How can I provide feedback and suggestions on FeedDemon?

Nice to have you back, Hank :) We'd welcome your feedback in our support forums at http://www.newsgator.com/forum/

thanks nick... hey, i don't see your feed in "Nick's Favorites" in your screen shot. what's up with that ;)

Kevin, that's 'cos my feed isn't one of my favorites :)

Thanks, Nick, but I am not interested in adding back feeds that I have deleted in FeedDemon since the last synchro with NewsGator (which never happened, exactly because I cannot specify who overrides whom, and I don't want to create a big mess). My Newsgator Online account contains hundreds of feeds that I don't read anymore.

At least it would be nice to have an easy way to mass delete (all the) feeds from the Newsgator Online account. Last time I checked, that was not possible. Why there isn't a Delete All button in My Feeds is beyond my imagination...

Anyway, thank you for a great product. I would never pay for the (lack of) features of NewsGator Online, but FeedDemon is a gem. I discover a new facet every week. It takes a great programmer to develop such a well-designed product.

Ervin - check out "My Settings | Organize Folders". You can bulk remove/move feeds from there.

Note that if you delete the feeds there, and they're synched with FD, they will be removed from FD.

If you want to keep the feeds in FD, mark the folder as non-sync (under Folder Properties) which should remove the feeds from NewsGator Online.

Personally, I'd just like to turn newsgator off. It really does get in the way and I seen little of value here. Every so often, a dialog box pops up for me to supply my newsgator password - if I leave Feed Demon running for any length of time, I get tens/hundreds of these dialog boxes up (not to mention the memory leaks that seem pervasive to Feed Demon).

Bring back the older versions - they were more stable and less obstrusive.

Thomas, I noticed you posted a similar comment in our support forums, so I've responded to you there.

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