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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


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glad that you're looking on the bright side. i too hear only in one ear and struggle with conversations in noisy environments.

however, i've gotten used to listening to music nowadays, and so long as i'm not using headphones, hardly notice the difference.

Its amazing how fast past year has gone! It was my wedding anniversary last Sunday but it only feels like I got married last week. Scary.

I am also having some health problems at the moment although these are to do with my eyes and I can't think of anything scarier than losing my eye sight so I am praying that things turn out as good for me as they have for you.

All the best Nick.

Morgan, sorry to hear about your eye problems - hope everything works out for you!

Nick --

I originally found your kayaking post while you were on vacation and had turned off comments. I was googling "kid's sea kayak" (as I was tonight) because I'm trying to figure out when I could/should introduce my own son (he's 6) to kayaking... Yoiks! That was quite a story, and I'm glad things turned out okay.

A couple of commenters on that post suggested a kayaking class - may I presume to second that suggestion? This summer I took a fairly hardcore 5-day sea kayaking class that has a.) given me a lot more confidence in my skills and b.) taught me how much I don't know about kayaking ;-)

I don't know how many kayaking instructors you'll find in TN (it's a little easier to find 'em here in Seattle), but there've got to be at least a few...

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