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Thursday, October 05, 2006


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I upgraded to v2 as well and I'm loving it! Along with the improved feeds, I found this extension that is simply amazing... http://reminderfox.mozdev.org/

I've been using Koz' Feed Your Reader extension forever. I even forgot that limiation was in FF:

For those of us who would rather keep 1.5 around for production work, the portable version of Firefox 2 RC1 is available:

Problem with FF2 (and IE 7) is that both ignore any XSLT that has been applied to the page. It think you can add some spage to the XML to stop this, but why ignore styling provided for the page?

I am loving FF2, for the same reason. Way to go Firefox!

Um - Release Candidate 2 is already out and is even better than RC1.


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