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Monday, October 09, 2006


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I believe it's more likely that the link will be around now that Google owns YouTube.

Do they own YouTube?

I would imagine that Michelle Malkin is happy about that since most if not all of her YouTube videos have been yanked by YouTube.

I don't know though.. is Google fair and balanced? You tell me...

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It depends on what deals they make with the actual content holders. Google has far more to lose than YouTube did (as an independent company).

Google may have more pull to encourage rights holders to allow the material to be used, but if the rights holder says No, Google is going to have to respect that.

FWIW, that's basically what happened with Google's book scanning project. They said they were going to do it and any author could object and have their material removed.

Holy crap. What a great performance! I remember SEEING that when it originally happened, though I don't remember what that's from. Maybe from the Who's movie, The Kids are Alright? Anyway, thanks hugely for sharing that, Nick! It made my day!

And THAT's what makes YouTube such a joy.

I don't recall the figure, but wasn't the site bought for a HUGE amount of cash? Anyone know the amount?

I believe it was 1.6 billion; in Google stock though, not cash.


Thanks, Bob.

Perhaps they best sell that stock immediately after purchase. =)

This battle for copyright will be going without end. Though, such monster as Google can do something. They surely count this situation when has acquired YouTube.

Google is certainly planning big, or so it seems. The ones who were likely to sue the site are buying stakes in it. Someting is certainly churning.


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