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Monday, November 06, 2006


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Words cannot explain how bad I would feel if I did this same thing. My prayers are with you :)

I guarantee almost every guy reading this cringed, for the same reason that every guy instinctively covers his privates whenever he sees another guy (no matter how despicable) take a shot in the jewels...


My condolences to you and your family. Please know my prayers are with you in this time of need.

Understand that things happen in life for a reason. Use this opportunity to find a newer, larger HDTV. But don't ever forget the part the original played in your life.

Nick -

I'd feel bad for you if that were me, except that I actually sprung for the warranty. On a $3000 purchase, and extra $299 for 4 years seemed worth it to me. If it breaks, they replace it for free. If they can't replace it, they give me the next model, for free.

With an 8 year old in the house, and a possible dog on the way, seems like a good idea :D

Would Homeowner's Insurance cover this?

So does Volvo make an HDTV yet?


I think I really would cry.

How long have you had it? If you bought it with a credit card, many of them give you Damage/Theft assist (I know Amex does) for a year on top of the standard warranty. You may want to check into that.

Then again, you may have just wanted a NEW LCD/Plasma HDTV so you broke that old projection one by mistake...

"Oppps... honey we need to get a new TV!"


Dang, I'm not much of a TV watcher either, but that just plain sucks.

nnnoooooooooooooooooooooooooo /cry

Ha hah hah! Hope your shoulder is OK. Would have been a great video for YouTube!

You a distant cousin to Steve Wynn by any chance? ;-)

Who is Steve Wynn?

Steve Wynn is a Vegas high-muckety-muck who recently had a similar incident with something a tad more expensive than your tv.


Please post a picture.

Will the viewing be open or closed casket?

Hopefully closed, since it'd be very hard for many of us to have to face a sight so sad and so horrible...

... going to put some protective padding around my tivo now...

Aww! That is sad! :(

cue hand-muted trumpet with wah wah waaahhhhhh.

but seriously, I'm sorry for your loss.

NIGHTMARE!!!! Shame you dont have CCTV. You'd be a YouTube star by now! :) Got any photos of the deceased?

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