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Friday, January 19, 2007


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On a similar note, have you considered submitting to docs or binaries to the Internet Archive's software archive ( http://www.archive.org/details/software )? There's currently a FeedDemon version "donated by Tucows" ( http://www.archive.org/details/tucows_352095_FeedDemon ) but it could be a good backup and trip down memory lane to keep a historical record by version.

I saw that a little while ago; I thought about editing it, but given how involved I've been with it since pre-1.0, I think I might be too biased also :).

Niall, thanks for the tip - I wasn't aware of the software archive.

Critter, if you're willing, I'd think you'd be fine to do it. I don't see how you'd be considered biased just because you've been involved with FeedDemon for so long - IMO that makes you *more* qualified, not less! :)

Have I really been using your software for a decade now? I was a big Homesite fan starting ~ 1997. I think I still have my v2 > v3 upgrade CD in the CD rack next to my desk at work. I'm using TopStyle these days... thanks for all the productivity, Nick. I can't imagine life without your tools!

I never realised you were involved in HomeSite but had wondered whether you were; or at least had some contact with Allaire. Now I know, it makes complete sense! I own copies of HomeSite, TopStyle and FeedDemon as all three have been the top solutions in their respective fields at the time. Your dedication to customer-centric development has been a case study for the benefits of this approach.

A question - did Macromedia use HomeSite as a base for the editors they included with ColdFusion and other products?

Why would you be worried about editing the page about FeedDemon and feeling that you shouldn't because you are "biased"?

I didn't think that Wikipedia was a repository of "opinions". Shouldn't an encyclopedia be full of factual information and not opinions?

Nick, who better to know about the "factual" information about FeedDemon than you? You're "the" man for the job IMO.

Todd, thanks for the kind words!

Wioota, yes - ColdFusion Studio was a version of HomeSite customized for creating ColdFusion pages.

Mark, my (limited) understanding of Wikipedia's policy is that the creator of a product or work of art would be considered too biased to write an entry about it. Is this incorrect?

Hey, Nick. I absolutely _loved_ Homesite. I started using it a long time ago. I used it to update my personal homepage... I remember using my own VTML dialogs to edit my entries! (neeeerd...)

Nowadays, I use Topstyle to edit HTML. I still miss some Homesite features, thought (Ctrl-Shift-X, anyone?)

fwiw, I do some Wikipedia work and I have contributed to the HomeSite entry. It was already pretty good, so most of my changes were tweaks, corrections and some expansion of the features listings. I tend to keep an eye on it. Depending on how strictly you take Wikipedia guidelines, I might be considered biased by my HomeSite community activities and advocacy, but I'm also knowledgeable on it, so I just try to keep any changes I make there neutral (NPOV).

If you have any corrections or changes to suggest for the HomeSite or TopStyle entries, email me and I'd be glad to try to help.

I'd offer to help with the FD or TS entries, but I don't use them nearly as much as HS so I'm not the best person there.


Jeff, No worries about the TS or FD entries - but many thanks for adding to the HS entry!

I'm honestly not familiar with Wikipedia policies, but if the information is factual, vs subjective, then how can it be biased?

Most of what is on your product description page is biased: "The easy-to-use interface makes it a snap to stay informed with the latest news and information."

But statements like "FeedDemon was written by Nick Bradbury" or "FeedDemon synchronizes with NewsGator Online and the rest of the NewsGator RSS Suite" or "FeedDemon was created with Delphi" are factual and indisputable! So does it really matter who writes it, as long as it's true!

Of course, that's just my opinion about the matter, and I'm clearly biased towards just doing it. :-)

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