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Sunday, February 18, 2007


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Sweet, it's a linkblog built right into FD. You're eating into the Google Reader features one by one ;)

Any change that flagged items will be synched some day as well?

Fantastic syncrhonised news bins with the ability to share as a feed will make my life so much easier. The only question now is will the beta be soon enought, before my project launches.

Michael, flags are already synchronized. I use it all the time. You should be able to flag news items in FeedDemon on one computer, which makes them appear flagged in other FeedDemons, at least as long as the article is still in the source feed (this restriction could be obsolete, NG was working on that).
I don't think Newsgator Online knows about FeedDemons flagged items though...

Thomas is correct - flags are already synchronized. And this is no longer limited to items still in the source feed.

Nice, cant wait to try it.

Hope you will sync the watches also. regards Edmond

Nick, I was so pleased to hear that you'll be including sync'ed News Bins. I have a podcast and atm rely on a bookmarking service to share links for the show. It is labour intensive, non-linear and a pita to say the least. I am hoping that the ability for my co-host to subscribe to a News Bin will eliminate the need to use anything else. You just saved me about 2 hours work a week... and some.

Basically it turns the collection of stories and links into a week long process of collaboration and that is (was) on my wish list for FD. I actually requested this in the forums when the question was asked as to what we wanted as far as features go. I thought I had zero chance!

Thank you FD coding god... love your work.

Funny but a side note: one of the main reasons I "can't get a Mac is FeedDemon... one app that I could not live without. Sure I could run it in Parallels but then why get a Mac? I live in FD!!

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