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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


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Thanks for the pointers. I'd like to do this for my LiveJournal feed, but their HTML cleaner removes the noembed section. I've just sent a support request to them to add this support to their system.

I suffer from this constantly in FeedDemon. A post will say something like "oh my god, that is the funniest thing ever" and I'll have no idea what he's talking about because the embedded YouTube link doesn't show up as anything but whitespace.

So FeedDemon feature request: A simple "" that I can see and at least click through to view.

Hey Nick.

Youtube has a thumbnail API..... why don't you just use that and uplevel the content if you feel you have to remove the embed.

media rich sites are a problem. The standards will catch up soon.



You write: "A more user-friendly solution would be to include a section that contains a thumbnail image of the video which links to the actual video."

Include it where?

I use MovableType. MT generates my feed by way of a template; the template uses a special MT tag to reiterate the blog's content. It is simply not possible -- it's not an option -- for me to edit this template to alter my blog's content.

I can edit the template's output file, and I have. Where video appears, I've edited the output file to include a message like this one: "A YOUTUBE VIDEO APPEARS HERE. WATCH.," where WATCH is a link to the video. But for reasons I know not, this message doesn't get picked up by feed readers, including FeedDemon.

Is this clear as mud?

P.S. I don't know whether it makes any difference, but I do run my feed through FeedBurner. And FeedBurner uses the URL of my output file. But again, any manual edits I make to that file don't get picked up.


Paul, I'm not a MovableType user, but I'm able to add a noembed section in TypePad, so I have to assume it's possible in MT as well. Any MT gurus know the answer to this one?

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