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Friday, February 02, 2007


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"instead of displaying a dialog stuffed with cryptic details"

I'm thinking that the particular error displayed on the dialog makes that statement ironic? :)

Why couldn't you have implemented that while I was there? I may have stuck around if you had. ;)

Nice. And in addition to Jacks comment about the error: Maybe hide the actual error details behind a button (Windows Error Reporting style).

Jack, somehow I knew you'd be the first to comment on this :) You're right about the error string still being cryptic - I just got rid of it and updated the screenshot.

I wonder how many people are going to think it's the windows error dialog (there are some similarities) and just click "don't send" out of habit ;)

Hmmm...that's an excellent point, Andrew. Perhaps throwing an FeedDemon icon in there would differentiate it?

How about transparently hiding javascript or rendering errors? Maybe just a little status bar icon, or toast or something.

Here's my problem: Some feeds I read are partial feeds, and when I click to the site 5-10 FeedDemon exceptions pop up, one after another, because of javascript errors. This gets rather annoying as each is a modal dialog I have to click through to get to the page. Everything works fine after I cancel the errors, so it's not a fatal error -- it would seem you could just trap these and get them out of the user's way.


The JavaScript errors are comming from IE rather than FeedDemon - We have a KB article with instructions on turning them off:

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