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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


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Actually, these should be goals for any developer. Even if you work for a company that has it's own support department, they'll get on you (which I can attest to ;-) if there is something about your software that they are constantly asked about.

not to mention also Nick that forums can become a hot bed of feature ideas and a loyal sales forces. It is also a good place to select alpha/beta testers.

Excellent advice and one that I have seen ignored way too many times in the past. Not here at NewsGator, of course. :'} We have an excellent balance of respect for development challenges and strong customer advocacy, which helps tremendously. Advice for other software execs...do not establish or tolerate an adversarial relationship between those teams.

I know exactly what you mean. Churn, baby churn is one of the 10 lows of Guy Kawazaki.

Right observations. Especially the first point. Probably work of developer would be much easier if users had a habbit of reading instructions.


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