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Friday, April 20, 2007


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:) It is certainly catchy. I think i am down with my feeds? Although i have never danced to (or with) them before. Thanks for sharing the video.

I'm glad your business model involves selling newsreaders and not music. :)

Cool video, thanks for sharing it.

Cover of Australian Bee Lee's 'Catch My Disease', great song.

Hello Nick
Your video said to me, here is a man who is doing what I want to be doing: playing guitar, developing his own software, and having fun with his life.

I've spent the past year developing a Ruby on Rails application for two hours each morning before going off to my day job. Now I must move on and sell it. It's rather specialized, it manages returned merchandise through the repair and return to customer phases, so it probably wouldn't fit into the shareware model.

Seems funny, asking a stranger for advice, but your vid inspired me. Do you have any advice on how to go about selling software?

(dfdumaresq at gmail dot com)

Glad you like the video, Dave - but that's not me in it, that's a co-worker of mine named Leland Rucker :) I've written a number of blog posts about software, most of which you can see by visiting:


I haven't written much about the sales side of being a MicroISV, but these sites may offer some guidance:


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