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Friday, July 06, 2007


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Hi all, I am Nick's brother and I have a story that must be told,

There is some deep significance to my brother wanting to inflict discomfort on my nose.

Not only did I get green minty mints stuffed up my nose, this nose has also been bitten, punched, kicked, pushed into doors so often (and of course totally unprovoked) that when I got older and would bump my nose my first reaction was a vivid picture of Nick in my head. This only stopped after I started taking karate and Nick's image was replaced with my karate instructor.

I shared this experience with Nick and apparently the idea of someone else taking his place in this manner was unbareable to him. He invited me to his 40th birthday party. He enticed me with free food, drink and transportation. I of course accepted not knowing it was an elaborate plot to somehow put his image back in my head when my nose was injured. He even invited other family members and friends to throw me off.

After getting me significantly inebreated, Nick announced that it was time for a slap fight. Somehow it ended up that just he and I were involved. This drunken slap fight ended at about 4:00 am at waffle house as I entered the establishment with blood spewing out my nose and exclaiming "new rule, no back fisting in the nose during slap fights"

As I returned to the limo I noticed Nick sitting next to his extremely large professional football player friend who was strategically placed between the two of us. (I think he growled once too) A vote was taken by all passengers of the limo the decison to end the slap fight was made. Nick had a silly smile on his face at this point.

This was a few months ago, I was sparring the other day and took a shot to the nose. Guess whose image came to my mind right away...... That devious twisted mind of brother Nick has sunk its hooks in once again....

Great, I read it twice and still laughing!

It is the God-given right of older brothers to abuse their younger brothers. As the oldest of five, I know I caused plenty of skirmishes. My younger brother once got his revenge, as when the family knelt down for evening prayers, he cold-cocked me in the nose, forcing it to spurt blood, and for me to run toward the bathroom, dripping blood on the way. I don't know if that was such a "heavenly" experience...

Ouch, that had to hurt...

Once I had a bad cold and was taking some medication or maybe just an ibuprofen... while swallowing it, I had a violent sneeze, and one of the pills was blown into my sinuses a little ways. Took a bit to "sniffle it back out" but it started to dissolve and I remember it being pretty painful.

PS - If I was your brother, I would have pummeled the hell out of you. ;-)

Thank God they weren't cinnamon! Pummeling would have been too kind!

Happy birthday (12th) ColdFusion (July 10, 1995)! And HomeSite helped make it popular so thanks Nick!

I still use HomeSite+ 5.5 and it has held it's age extremely well!



The on-going battle between you two is bad enough... I sincerely hope for your sake that Hannah and Isaac don't "head" down this road anytime soon. LOL.

Thanks for the laugh

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