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Monday, July 30, 2007


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Great post Nick.

As far as your bonus tip is concerned, I'd like to add this. My stepfather (who is now 67 and still looks darn great, healthy and younger than his age) also does this. He minds his diet, eats healthy stuff and tries to cut the portions down. But when there's a dinner, for a birthday or for new year's or whatever occasion, he eats what he wants, and as much as he wants. And drinks more alcohol than he usually does. It's no fun to sit there and watch people eat and drink, especially if that's what you like too, and no being able to participate and having to whine about your weight and diet. He just says: "Now it's party time, I'll go back to my usual routine tomorrow". And it's a trick that works just fine.

You have some really sound advice here. So much good advice, especially about the core and yoga. They really help a runner with stability and focus. Perfection is also overrated.

"I weighed in at a whopping 225 pounds"

How tall are you? Weight without height doesn't give a complete picture.

I'm 5'10".

Well at least I don't feel guilty now for all the beer and pizza we eat when you're in Denver... ;-)

Greg, you should only feel guilty when *I* have to pay for it ;)

My top tip for those looking to lose weight is to take a buddy along and work out together. It's someone to chat to during and after. Oh and give yourself a 'Cheat' day and allow yourself to eat what you like.

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