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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


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This is an awesome feature, Nick! This is something I would not have thought of, but I really can't live without it now that I know it's there! ;)

Adding a "Back" button would also be nice, for us ultra-lazy types that find right-clicking and selecting "Back" is a lot of work ;)

Nice work, I can't wait to try this new version!

Wow. This and Unicode, and I'll be able to work on Drupal sites again within TopStyle. Awesome. Thank you!

I second the Unicode support - it's the sole reason I started looking into other editors, since I've been increasingly dealing with Cyrillic, Chinese and similar pages.

Nick, this is awesome. I'm so stoked for a new version of TS that I can hardly wait.

What are the chances that you could have a Linux build as well?

Sorry, Eric - chances are zero that there will be a Linux build. I've heard that TopStyle runs fine via WINE, though.

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