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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


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Thanks for the title, Nick. The phrase (complete with Australian accent) frequently echoes through my Python-soaked mind, and it's a nice surprise to see it in the outside world! ;)

Actually Nick, being in Nashville you're supposed to use "Hotter Than a Two Dollar Pistol," aren't ya?


My brother lives in South Carolina (North Charleston) and his central air died the other day. He said it was the hottest (over 100), and more humid than any day he can remember since moving down there. His neighbor was able to fix it luckily (blown capacitor on the main unit), but it was going to take a while to cool back down. As I talked to him, he said the inside of the house was as bad as the outside. It's bad up here in NY too (90's and disturbingly high humidity), but I was wearing sweats and smoking a pipe while I talked to him because my little window A/C kicks ass :-p

(Though a severe thunderstorm did cut my power this morning for almost a full second - I actually had to reach for the remote to turn my A/C back on!)

freakin hot here in Atlanta too. But hey, at least you didn't try beating the heat to work like this guy did


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