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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


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glad you like nick... if you have any bug reports you can send them to support at newsgator dot com :)

seriously, if you have any ideas/requests/etc. give a shout. i am jumping back into this project over the next several days.

was that 'lose my outdated cellphone' or '"lose" my outdated cellphone'...pretty suspicious you lost your phone right when a $200 price drop took place, if you ask me... now if only I could "lose" mine...:) :) :).

Seriously, do ya'll know yet if it's going to work on the iPod touch, since that's pretty much a phone-less iPhone (and more likely I'd get that before the iPhone)?

@critter: I actually lost it for real - but yeah, I wasn't too sad about it, either. I'm assuming our iPhone reader will work just fine on the iPod touch since it's the same browser, but not having tried it myself, I really can't say for sure.

Nick or Kevin, do you yet know whether or not the NewsGator iPhone RSS Reader will also work with the soon to be released iPod itouch?

My bad. I should have read the prior post re: the iPod itouch question more carefully. Hopefully, we'll find out soon after September 28.

It's nice to see it in the iPhone WebApps.

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