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Wednesday, October 03, 2007


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Personally I am quite happy with stripped styles in RSS. I read RSS feeds for content, not UI. If I want the full CSS / UI experience I'll go to the website for that.

Hey Nick,
Thanks for responding to this, you raise some really good points. I tend to agree that external CSS shouldn't be included - that's the CSS that really is all display. Inline CSS seems different to me though - that's the styles that were somehow special and different to the rest, there's a pretty good chance that they are actually a part of the content rather than part of the design.

That said, I'm well aware of the unfortunate reality that lots of people abuse inline CSS so having the option to strip styles is probably useful. I wonder though, do you strip other HTML formatting tags like font?

Lots to think about, I'll probably revisit this issue, so thanks for getting me thinking.

Floats can be prevented from affecting subsequent content by using a "block formatting context". overflow:hidden is the simplest way to achieve this.

I agree with Lux - the good thing about feed readers is they give a uniform presentation instead of having to wade through differing appearances from all the sites.

I personally wouldn't change a thing.

I personally would like the choice of enabling styles on a per feed basis.
This way I can enjoy the well behaved feeds, and if some misbehave, I just disable their styling.

I think that good designers would make the right choices to enhance their posts, even on a "river of news" style reader

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