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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


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I really don't want to register to submit a feature request, so I'll post my little usability niggle here...

When you have multiple pages, your next page pagination control shifts when you move to to the second page as it adds the previous page button... If you could display the previous page button disabled for the first page, that would really assist me in my laziness as I wouldn't have to move my mouse to quickly hit next page repeatedly.

Thanks for keeping with the inovations in FeedDemon... but what I don't understand is why we ~STILL~ don't have any comment reading support in FeedDemon, much less any mention of it on feature requests.

@AC: FeedDemon does have comment reading support - see:


Or are you looking for something other than this?


Is there a command line switch I can use so it does not install FeedStation? I never use FS and so always have to manually uninstall it, not a big issue I know but would be nice if there was a /nofs option on the installer ;)

@Morgan: believe it or not, /nofs is already supported :) Just add it to the command-line of the FeedDemon installer, and it will skip installing FeedStation.


That is awesome. I never even thought to try it out. You little mind reader ;)

@bobo: which build are you seeing this problem with? There was a problem with the page controls in an earlier v2.6 pre-release, but it *should* be resolved in RC2a.

Nice to see that you are now supporting APML, look forward to using it now

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