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Monday, November 05, 2007


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Nick! Glad you picked up Gh3. I'm also not thrilled with the set list of GH3 but after the first 4 tiers or so I get's better.

If you're on Xbox Live you can look me up; Captain Betty. Maybe we'll do some guitar battle or co-op!

What's your xbox live gamertag, mine's matthewsteiner, we should jam!

Sadly, my XBox360 is no more - another victim of the "red ring of death." I'm using GH3 for the Wii, and have yet to check out the online play.

Nick, you do know they're fixing the RRoD gratis and have extended the warranty 3 years, right?

Warranty Extension announcement

Microsoft KB issue:

Service page:

I probably won't have a copy of GH3 for wii until I move out of my current place (planned for January) but I'll happily swap friend codes once I do and have a few battles :)

@critter: thanks for the links! Yeah, I realize MS has extended their warranty and I can get the XBox fixed, and I plan to do that. But I've been wanting to consolidate on a single gaming platform, and the RRoD made it easy to pick the Wii as the platform of choice for us :)

I am still lusting after the Wii myself (geez that sounds bad :) ), but I didn't get it last Christmas due to the shortages; I went ahead and got the 360 instead, and have put of the Wii purchase until either Super Mario Galaxies or Wii Fit (in the US) is released.

I'll take that dead 360, Nick. Connor and I haven't settled on any console platform yet. ;)

Do they have guitar controllers sized for 1.5 year olds? Maybe we'll just have to wait until GHX.

I too thought GH2 was better than GH3, but GH3 was still very much enjoyable. The guitar that came with mine was broken (middle 3 fret buttons didn't work) though so I had to use the GH2 wired controller. I managed to beat the game on Medium and play half way through Hard before I had to return the game. My 2nd guitar was broken too (Up on the "flipper" didn't work) so I returned it, and now I sit here with no GH3 because Best Buy was sold out by then. ::cries::

I just got GH3 and 2 new flying v guitars. I am so into this. I am 39 and addicted to playing it

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