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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


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I actually mentioned your "popular topics" work in my talk at BarCamp Nashville. I was talking about "3 Dimensional Social Networking" and used popular topics as an example of a way to see the influence of people you may not be directly connected to. Kind of like a "hey, people who are important to you are talking about what this person is saying. You need to check it out."

I really wish Brent would add it to NNW since I am a Mac user; it is such a cool feature.

@Jackson: Thanks for mentioning "Popular Topics" at BarCamp Nashville! That makes me even sadder that I missed it - it's not often that a great tech gathering takes place here in Nashville, but I had to skip BarCamp because it fell on the same weekend we were celebrating my Dad's 70th birthday.

We were sorry you missed http://www.barcampnashville.com too. We hope to see you @ PodCamp Nasville, Feb 9: http://www.podcampnashville.com .


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