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Monday, January 21, 2008


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I am intrigued what it is about xcode/ib that you find underpowered? It is something I've seen mentioned before, but nobody gives any details of why xcode/ib isn't as powerful as VS.

Any chance of some elucidation?

@RJ: To me, the most obvious limitation is the poor event navigation between IB and Xcode. Windows tools (Delphi, VB, VS.NET) typically enable easily navigating to the code assigned to a specific event, whereas on the Mac it's awkward by comparison.

Take this with a grain of salt, though, since my exposure to Mac development is extremely limited so far.

The good news is that Apple's working on a new parser/compiler ("clang", for C, C++ and Objective-C) which will be tuned to parse fast and deliver ASTs (abstract syntax trees) to make refactoring and navigation possible to the extent that it is in Visual Studio with C#. This is a year or two out.

In my experience, Interface Builder kicks Visual Studio's UI parts' ass, and vice versa for Xcode and Visual Studio's text editor and IDE.

While it's true that IB doesn't automatically generate stub code for you, everything that happens after the stubbing is working *much* better on the Mac side. Try reconnecting an event in Visual Studio for extended fun...

Then there's the whole support by automatic guidelines. (Maybe .NET has that by now - haven't checked in some time). IB actually helps you create non-ugly forms, while the Windows environment seems to actively encourage haphazard UIs.

But where the Mac *really* shines is Shark/Instruments. As profiling tools, those are lightyears ahead of anything Windows has to offer.

My dream Mac app is FeedDemon. Please make a Mac version!!!

@Paul - They have one, it's called NetNewsWire. :)

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