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Friday, February 29, 2008


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Holding Shift while clicking on a post title, opens the post on the browser while keeping it unread at FeedDemon... however it would be nice to be able to do it without shift ;)

Not sure if it was intentional - but being used to Firefox - I middle click to close a tab (as I do in Firefox) and for some reason that works as well :) Force of habit mainly. Glad I did not have to change.

Did not know about the drag and dropping hyperlinks - be nice if you could drag a url from the address bar rather than the page though.

I just found #7 and #8 myself yesterday :) mentioned it on FriendFeed and another FeedDemon user I know now uses as as well ..

F11 to show or hide the News Items pane. Most of the time I keep it closed and use the Unread Folder View to just blast through new items. But every now and then it's handy to have around, especially when I'm looking for a post I remember seeing but can't find in search (Ctrl+F3).

#7 is really useful, did not know about it, however it does not work with Opera :(

Thank you for #2. I had been wondering how to make the text bigger.

Thanks for the tip. Is there a day to open a link in a new tab without immediately switching to it (i.e., it loads the contents in the background)? I open read something and want to drill into the details linked off from the post before I finish reading the current page.

@Oliver - this type of question is better suited to the support forums. However, go to Tools->Options->Browsing and check mark the box labelled "Load New Tabs in Background"

Awesome. Thanks, critter42!

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