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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


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Nick... that's exactly how I use FeedDemon. I love that feature. I just buzz through all my feeds by folder only displaying the title and if I want to check it out I just expand it and it's onto the next.

How about a "Next Item" button. I'd love to be able to "single-click" my way through my posts without having to scroll at all. :)

I love that feature. It's the only way to stay sane.

I'd love to see FeedDemon take the "Next" button one step further. I'd love it if FeedDemon would mark items that had scrolled off the screen as "Read". that would be the ultimate. It would be especuially useful with feeds that have a high volume of daily posts (engadget, gizmodo, etc). So if I've scanned half way down the 50 or so posts and get interupted, I can pick it up where I left off.

Yep, though I use the shortcut key ... fingers on cntrl-d (Next) and Page down ... I also set FD to show 25 items per newspaper page.

Yes, great titles and opening lines are absolutely key. When I'm skimming (which is most of the time) you have about 1-2 seconds to get my attention.

I've been using FD for years and I just discovered the Next button when I had to re-configure the toolbar when I upgraded to 2.6. It's great. I also switched my view to Unread Feed View. Now I can move through all my feeds in a fraction of the time I used to.

I use Next button - it is very useful. But browsing can be improved even more. First I browse all folders (using Next button) and open all articles I want to read by "Open link in new tab". However, new tab becomes active so I have always go back to folder newspaper view. I'd welcome opening link in new tab and stay in newspaper view.

I have to correct myself. I found such setting - "Load new tabs in the background". Thanks!

People still use their mouse? :-P

My FeedDemon reading consists of the spacebar to scroll through an entry, "n" to go to the next entry, Ctrl-M to mark the current page as read, and Ctrl-D to mark the entire feed as read.

Another here for the keyboard, ctrl-d to skip the page - with a page showing 5 items with 3 line summary. Being able to map that to the space bar would be nice.....

Nick, thanks for pointing out this feature; it has really sped up my utilization of FeedDemon.

I was also wondering about your thoughts on the Slate article (and the product discussed) posted on February 20: http://www.slate.com/id/2184810/

Is there anything of value here that might be built into FeedDemon going forward?

@David: I haven't used Persai, but it certainly sounds interesting, and it looks like it does some of what I'd like FeedDemon to do regarding finding relevant articles for you.

I used to use Newsgator Inbox primarily and sync with FeedDemon, but I've found myself using FeedDemon more. Mostly, I like having my clippings saved/flagged in Outlook on things that I need to follow up with (like blog, etc).

My issue is that I don't want my exchange account to contain all of those items if they're unread. I've been actually *delete* the stuff from FeedDemon instead of marking them unread. Is there a better way to sync just the clippings into Outlook and still be able to use the keyboard? Is there a way to "select/delete" in newspaper mode?

And also, from a usability perspective, wouldn't it make sense to have this icon in the lower-right as well (next to the next page + mark all as read)?

I've tried using it a little today, and most of the time I'm reading the page through and when I get to the bottom I want "next"... but now I have to go back up to the top of the page to do this.

i'd like to see "delete all" button similar to "mark all".

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