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Friday, May 16, 2008


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Awesome! Thanks Nick!

Finally, the ability to select more than one feed in the "Find New Feed" feature! I've been holding my breath on this one. Many, many, many thanks.

It looks nice (and I like the new folder status icons!)

The "Next Page" button, though... I know there was a big discussion about this and it was what was decided, and I know what it does just because I remember the discussion, but at first glance I'm left wondering "how is this different from the 'right' arrow beside the page number?".

Thanks a bunch Nick!!! :)

I have been anxiously waiting for this feature. :)

Wow, you weren't kidding about performance improvements. Very nice. Thanks!

But where is the "unsubscribe" button?

@Paul: you can unsubscribe from a feed by right-clicking it and choosing "Unsubscribe" from the context menu. Is that what you're looking for?

Great release. However... it didn't solve the speed issues I've been having with images and videos. Downloading of images and videos -- YouTube, Flickr, personal servers, anywhere -- is very, very, very slow.

Any ideas? Download speed is fine in "regular" IE and Firefox.

>>@Paul: you can unsubscribe from a feed by right-clicking it and >>choosing "Unsubscribe" from the context menu. Is that what you're looking >>for?

When I right-click I see no such option. Is this on the startup page?

In any event, why not put it in Tools?

@Paul: "unsubscribe" is available by right-clicking any feed in the subscription tree at the left. You can also right-click a feed in the "Subscription Home" report to display the same menu

Yeah, I found out how to unsubscribe. Still, and option right at the feed title would be helpful

Sub-folders on the FeedDemon client please!! Ironically I created a sub-folder on the web client, it worked and when I sync'd the desktop client it flattened it out to the same level as the other folders. Everything under the 'subscriptions' folder.

Anyway this is something that is really needed. Oh and I can please have control over my font sizes too? These are the only real things that I miss from RSS Bandit.

I have downloaded FeedDemon 2.7 & using successfully.. but i have some problems with it:

1. Time filter doesnt work. For example; I want to see news of Today or Yesterday or Last 24 hours etc. I cannot see at all OR I cannot see all of them. I should click on SHOW ALL. This is a very big problem. Please try to solve it.

2. I want to watch the news in a categorical way. I mean I want to be able to create folders for WATCHES.

3. Newspaper Styles are not enough. I think you can inspire from other readers?

4. FeedDemon needs effective Smart Feeds/Folders.

5. For Watches; criterias are not enough. I think all search operators should be available. But on FeedDemon it's not possible in a perfect way. I mean we cannot use AND/OR together. Yet FeedDemon's search way is better than others.

6. finally like other users, speed problem is going on. I couldnt find any feed reader faster downloader than SharpReader. I hope FeedDemon will reach same or more speed.

I hope these points will help you to improve next release of Feed Demon.

sincerely yours,

The support forums (as *noted in red* above the post comment form) is where this needs to go - it will get more attention there.

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