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Friday, June 20, 2008


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Maybe everyone assumed you were coolly flipping off the jerk-face cameraman who failed to prep you.

Nick, you're in luck. According to the Wall Street Journal today, ventriloquism is making a big comeback. However, dummies are now being called "figures."



a) I believe that's the first pic I've seen of you as a kid, IMO Isaac could've been your twin (sans the hair of course)

b) Ventriloquism huh? Ever take any crap from your brothers about having your hand up some dummy's butt? LOL.... sorry, couldn't resist.

Dude, you shoulda blamed the dummy for that finger.... ;-)

You've got to track down some video of that, it sound hillarious

Mr. Spurr is right. You have *got* to have that tape somewhere. If you don't have it, you must track it down. We have to see it at a demo day. We must!

BTW, I was a teenaged magician, did a few hundred shows, some in theatres we rented. I can’t say I ever flipped out a town but I did once get a bunch of city lawyers on me for “racist” characters that I did (this was 35 years ago and we didn't know any better); it was the first hint of multicultural consciousness-raising that I’m aware of. I cringe now at the thought but back then we thought it was funny (and I was good at them). I'm sure my lump of coal will be to weigh me down to that hot place you mentioned.

My first TV humiliation was when I was about 6 on the Mayor Art show. He asked his guests if we had seen yesterday’s program. “Yes!,” I lied. He asked me if I remembered the guide dogs for the blind that were on that show. I figured “in for a penny, in for a pound” and lied again, “yes!” “Well,” said Mayor Art, “if you can tell me what is so special about guide dogs, you’ll win today’s toy bonanza!”




Sweat forms on my youthful brow.

“ummm…they have three legs?”

The reason I tell you this story is so that you understand that I can feel your pain!

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