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Monday, October 27, 2008


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So is the lack of delete button new to this version, or is there a way to turn it off?

I'm always hitting it by mistake and would love to get rid of it.

@David: v2.8 will enable choosing which icons to show in the newspaper, so you can get rid of the delete icon (or any other one).

Eagerly waiting for beta of next version :)

Good tip for a clean solution!

Woot.... This is great.

Is there any technical barrier to sharing links that *aren't* articles in my feed? Often I read an article in FeedDemon that includes a link, and it's that link I want to share. Right now, I can't do that (I don't think)...

@jay: Ironically, you can do this already :). Just drag-and-drop the link into your clippings folder. You can also drag-and-drop links from your external browser, and drag-and-drop browser tabs in FeedDemon.

@Jay Levitt

Yes, you can! I do it all the time! Just drag the FeedDemon tab (or the icon from Internet Explorer) onto the shared folder. It's really easy, and works great!

Also, I can't wait for the beta!

Awesome... I knew about the sharing before but it was kind of boscure so this is great.

Also will this let you share articles when offline, then sync when you connect again? The current clippings folders won't let you 'share' when offline...

Hi Nick,

One question. You say "Simply click “Share,” and FeedDemon will copy the article to your shared clippings. " What happens if I have more than one shared clippings folder?

@Balaji: You can choose which folder to use as the default when sharing.

Nick - thanks for the clarification. I guess I wasn't fully clear with my question - With the share button, how do I go about adding different articles to different shared clippings folders. For ex., I have one shared clippings folders for photos I like and another for links. How will the share button work in this case?

@Balaji: Ah! Well, the "share" button can only be tied to a single clippings folder, so it sounds like you'd need to use the existing "copy to clippings" button so you can choose where the article gets clipped.

I would like a new feature. Having selected a feed, add on the right click "Goto Homepage" which would open the website url in the browser.

I know about the copy option. However using that I need to open a browser myself and paste the url in to see the website.

Nick - thanks for the clarification.

I just noticed in your screenshot that the little "bucket" icon from FD 2.7 is still there as well, so I guess using the new customize icon option, I can remove the share icon, making FD 2.8 look just like FD 2.7.. er, wait I think I'm doing something wrong here :P

@Orn: You can press Ctrl+Alt+Home to navigate to the active feed's home page.

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