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Sunday, November 23, 2008


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Please add a feature to turn off favicons.
I hate them. Its makes the subscription list look messy. Many of the feeds that i have subscribed to dont have favicons.

This is what i did to turn it off.
In the Favicons directory, I replaced each favicon with a simple rss icon. Then I made all the favicons read only so that feed demon doesnt replace them when the feed are updated.

Its the only thing about feed demon that i strongly dislike.

That is the hardest thing about software development, estimating time. Its almost impossible to do. Features you think are easy, take forever and features that you think are hard, you finish quick.

Are icons explicitly specified in Atom any better or more reliable?

@Niall: yes, although it's a real pain having to correctly display the xml:lang of a favicon :)

Wouldn't it be far better to not display a broken or wrongly made favicon? It's not like it would be a hardship for the sites owner to fix it themselves, and really, they're relying on the time and efforts of other people such as yourself to work around bad design.

Uphold the standards?

@Chris: That was my approach when I first started FeedDemon, but I changed over to "the dark side" after seeing how much non-standard stuff exists on the web (see http://nick.typepad.com/blog/2006/11/web_30_does_not.html ). These days I figure part of my job is making sure my customers can get the information they want regardless of whether it's perfectly valid.

Thre are no favicon standards. The W3C has a document that is still a draft, and the favicon began as an IE feature that was already in violation of fundamental web standards.

Thanks for the warning! We were toying with this for an extractor product we're using internally and getting ready for public release, but not any more.

@Chuck: depending on your product, the fact that this feature is such a PITA may actually be a selling point/differentiator for you.

This sounds related to Joel Spolskys talk about in "Where There's Muck There's Bras"

@Tgt: I'm guessing you meant to say, "Where There's Muck There's BRASS" :)

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