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Sunday, March 29, 2009


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Thanks Nick - This is great news. I was a bit concerned that I might be facing some time with no FeedDemon for a while there! (eeks!)

New UI looks shiny and exciting, can't wait to try it!

Glad to hear it! As soon as I got the notice I checked my RSS feeds for Feeddemon.

I am a network admin and thus work all day long with servers, users and workstations. There is not a single program I depend on/use more than Feeddemon.

Thanks for the update,

Looks great!! Can't wait to see all the new stuff. Thanks for all your work on this :)

Well, thats okay. Google Reader integration is needed for me. Gmail can be down and I started using a client software. its predicted that google reader will be down one day, so its a good idea using a client software to synchronize it.

Thanks for the beta, Nick.

Nice! The ragged edge at the bottom is... interesting... given the controversial ad pane. It's foreshadowing, but what of?

Generally looks good and works well.

One oddity: Went to BBC World and it says there is a feed on the site. Well yeah, that's how I got there.

Also, could do without the extra bar. Before, when the title of a feed was at the bottom and I scrolled, it would be at the top of the page. But now it's off the page.

Errm, Nick? Doesn't NewsGator employ some graphic artists?
You know, I draw toolbar buttons for "my" app myself as well, but a designer's work they are not. And with the icon directions in the recent years in Vista, 7, Live Essentials, Office customers are used to a different level of polish as is evident in the screenshot... :-/

Please don't take it personally, but I thought I'd put that out here.

(FeedDemon customer since 2003 ;-)

Looking so great!

The news is doubled
RSS: http://avaxhome.ws/software/rss.xml

Great news, looking forward to trying this release (downloading it now) and love the changes you've made. However Thomas does have a bit of a point above, and perhaps the original gradient look of the toolbar is a little more polished than flat grey.

But we're always going to complain aren't we? =P

Whoops, sorry - a lot of the icons within FeedDemon are actually pretty good

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