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Thursday, April 30, 2009


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Does this mean we can RT your original tweet about Beta 4 now? :) :)

@critter42: yeah, I think I can lift my RT embargo now :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you for releasing this. I thought Google Reader sync would never see daylight.

Glad you like it, Prashant!

Thanks alot. This is a very nice and stable BETA release.

But there is something that is bugging me; since I upgraded from version 2.7, this Ad box is new to me. I have no problem with having an Ad box in FeedDeamon, but to me, it seems the box is kinda too big. I wish it was half size (in height) of the current size.


Nick, thank you so much for this very helpful information!

This is one of the best update I was looking for. Feeddemon is my fav feed reader and I always missed its synchronization with Google reader. Glad that it's here now :)

I've been using it and works well.

Another RSS reader that syncs with NewsGator and Google Reader is RSS Banit. However, RSS Bandit seems to sync much slower than FeedDemon.

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