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Sunday, May 17, 2009


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A-list bloggers are tabloid bunch that hype whatever gets added to their CMS wizards. So Internet gets spammed by zillions of click-to-create experts sharing their expertise for ad revenue. The fact that the large portion of computer users is trained to access internet just through the web browser makes this approach effective and widespread.
If new users follow the A-list bloggers, they would obviously conclude that the first step in using computers effectively is to subscribe to all the sites with stupid names and follow random rants of random people with random credibility...

A-Listers are wittering on about the latest trend, which will come and go. RSS is also irrelevant to my life. Whats important is aggregation - to have what's important to ME, arrive in a central location/desktop/browser.

FeedDemon continues to evolve and provide this service, and i hope that if some future trend provides a new stream of information, FeedDemon will be pulling it from the web for me with the minimal of effort on my part.

What i really want is MindReader - based on my interests and "attention" - the latest topics, in whatever form, are pro-actively sought out and delivered to my desktop/browser..

Of course with a bit of setup FeedDemon can do this now...

I think you make a good point, but I find that I absolutely *need* to bring those streams into my RSS reader. I'm almost using that as a de facto CMS, half for personal reading and half for professional, client-related items. So I've started pulling Twitter search RSS feeds for client-related topics and more.

More to your point, I think that some people just always need to find something new to write about and so create topics where there are none. RSS has been a real-time stream since forever - hit publish, it arrives in my reader - so this focus on real-time streams being something new is just vaporware.

A-list bloggers are the ones adopting the new trends on internet. And they are the ones leaving those trends too fast.

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