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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


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Lucky you used Delphi then! For all it's failings (or mostly it's owning companies failings), Delphi is still the best way to build traditional desktop Windows applications.

I find that putting a hard limit on download size is an excellent way of preventing software bloat.

A couple of years ago I switched to a Mac, and unfortunately huge download sizes are a fact of life for Apple followers since they need to include both x86 code and PowerPC code (for universal apps). That being said, a lot more could be done to shrink apps down and I appreciate it when developers put the effort in. One of Firefox's aims when it launched was to be as small a download as possible - I think the 1.0 was a mere 4 megabytes. Firefox has swelled out a bit to 7 MB (Windows build) but it's still relatively compact when compared with programs like Quicktime and Adobe Reader.

When I first started releasing Macintosh software, I didn't know the best method to create a .DMG disk image for users to download my application. As a result I had a few angry customers who complained my app was too big because the disk image mounted as a 5MB volume, even though the actual size of the download was under 500k!

I uninstalled 7-Zip yesterday and it wanted me to reboot!

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