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Thursday, July 30, 2009


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Wow. This is disappointing, especially since there's no way (apparently) for the general public to continue using it by paying for it.

What about FeedDemon for Windows Mobile? Is it dead? If it's still alive, will it be converted to use Google Reader?

@John West: There isn't a version of FeedDemon for Windows Mobile. If you mean NewsGator's Windows Mobile client, then no, there's no more Consumer support for that after August. See item #4 in the FAQ (linked above).

Synchronize with my own Server would be a nice Feature!

I do not use Google Reader because I'm an privacy activist.

Sorry for my bad English!

If I understand it correctly, all unread items will be marked as read after the conversion? Is there a chance of RC4 keep the read/unread status on Google Reader? What about tags and follow-up flags?

I can't say I'm happy with this move, but better this way than no alternative at all.

Thanks Nick!

How do you setup a second machine to sync with Google Reader? I've already updated to 3rc3 and then converted all my feeds to GReader on one machine. Now I want to get my other machines to sync to Reader as well.

Do I "Convert to Google Reader" on the two of them too? If I convert there, I won't get duplicates in my Reader will I? (I subscribe to 1,200 feeds so cleaning up duplicates would really bite ;)

I know I'm supposed to post this on the forum, but even though I am registered, it keeps telling me I don't have permission. So before I go jump off a bridge, can you please clarify this statement:

"If you're among the few customers who created synched clippings in FeedDemon, your clippings will no longer be synched after the conversion, and the RSS feed for your synched clippings will no longer update. However, prior to the end of NewsGator sync, we'll provide a way to redirect your synched clippings feed so that anyone subscribed to it will be unaffected by the change. Most of you will want to redirect to your Google Reader shared items feed (here's mine) since FeedDemon 3.0 includes the ability to copy articles to your Google Reader shared items."

It appears that we can no longer enable the "share as an RSS feed" option in FD for a clippings folder. But when you say, "However, prior to the end of NewsGator sync, we'll provide a way to redirect your synched clippings feed so that anyone subscribed to it will be unaffected by the change," does this mean that we can continue to add content to our existing clippings folders, and subscribers to the feeds from these folders will continue to see new content?

Also, is there a way to create multiple "Google Reader shared items" folders (like the clippings folders in FD), e.g. "shared items A", "shared items B" and so on... I heavily relied on the clippings in FD to bin items into topic-specific shared RSS feeds, but it looks like there is no way to do this in Google; i.e. all shared items go into one shared feed.


@Alberto: RC3 does mark everything as read when you convert to Google Reader, but I'm working to remove this limitation from RC4. Existing flags should also be supported in RC4.

@Alberto Silva No, your unread counts should be just fine. Early betas had a problem with this, but it's been fixed for a few months now.

@Greg Duncan No, you will not get duplicates. I have converted FeedDemon to Google Reader sync on multiple PCs. I've never ended up with duplicate subscriptions.

@Roberta Google Reader provides support for RSS feeds for tags. Basically, your Shared Items will be your main replacement for the Clippings folder. You can then set up other tags with RSS feeds as secondary "clippings" folders. Instead of telling FeedDemon to "add to ____ clippings folder," you will just tag it with a specific name.

@Master Devwi
Thanks... Giving it a go on a second machine now. :) [And selected "no" when asked "you already have feeds on GReader, remove them first"]

And the survey says...! Converted on second machine and no dupes. Yeah! :)

Thanks again.

On a related note, I feel for you Nick. That email today has to have made your day today "interesting" :|

@Greg: "Interesting" would be an understatement :)

What it means is that "individual" as opposed to "big corporate" FeedDemon users are getting shafted. As an "individual" I spent money with you guys because I thought, at the time, you had the best offerings and I was prepared to pay for them. Thanks for dumping on your loyal customers.

> A pre-release of FeedDemon 3.0 which syncs with Google Reader has been available for several months, and while there are still a few kinks to work out,

So we are being bounced into using something that still doesn't work properly yet. There's still a "few kinks to work out yet" yanno.

Makes note not to download RC4.

I'm pretty happy about this. I'm planning to upgrade to FD 3 final when it comes out just in time to catch the conversion to Google Reader. I just cleared out all my Google Reader subscriptions and tags to prepare for the sync. I just don't have the history with the NewsGator brand that I do with Google Reader so this is a positive.

Personally I think this is great. I hop between Windows XP (work), 7 (home), Linux (netbook) and iPhone (on the move) and while FeedDemon and NetNewsWire look after thing nicely, I have to use the newsgator.com website on the linux netbook, and it ain't a pretty sight. Now I can use Liferea, which is a major improvement.

The one problem I have with FeedDemon v3 is the ability to use the spacebar to move to the next *unread* article has gone missing. Any chance of putting it back in for the final release??????

Not sure how to react to this, except now I know why FD3 is taking longer than I expected.

I'm allergic to using beta and other non-final software on my main computer, so can I assume the final FD3 will be available before 31 August?

I have to say, "this sucks." I actually paid for FD way back when and I'm disappointed NewsGator has decided to abandon their individual customers.

Greg's email/blog post is one of the best pieces of corporate BS I've read in a while. He says things like "you spoke and we listened" and "Bottom line for you: We keep improving our FeedDemon and NetNewsWire applications" but in the same breath explains how the applications will either no longer be supported, will no longer exist or will require user changes. You mean people said "Please discontinue the product I currently use and make me switch to something else." Come on Greg, give us a little credit.

NewsGator clearly took a chance by deciding to give away their excellent products. It now appears that was a bad move on their part and the non-corporate users are bearing the brunt of that mistake.

Nick: All of this really begs the question, at this point why should I continue to use FD (or any NewsGator product) at all? If I'm syncing with Google's platform anyway and all my feeds will be available in Google Reader, why not just use that?

Also, what ever happened with the ads in FD? Are we going to see ads in version 3?

If we've already bought Feeddemon from you, I hope we don't have to pay again to get the piad-for ad-free version that NewsGator say is going to be available.

I was disappointed about the move to a free, ad-supported version of FeedDemon, too... but, really, it's a major version upgrade, right? So whatever you paid for 2.x wouldn't have got you a free upgrade to 3.0, anyway so nothing's being taken from you.

Being a long term FD customer and paying user myself I think the "what about us" question is a good one (funny that ;)

When for paid, ad free version of FD comes out will previous customers get a upgrade discount or price break?

BTW, the Ad's in v3(rc3) are very understated and reasonable. On a 1024x7 screen they are small, text only adds. On a 1280 screen, they are a little larger with a graphic (I like that the ad area adapts to app size). In both cases, they do not get in the way nor really drag the eye away from you feeds.

Personally I'd much rather have Ad's (with an option to pay a reasonable price for an ad-free version) and have FD be improved than to have it killed or die off. Free isn't free and we all have our bills to pay, even application developers... ;)

I can't access the forums at forum.newsgator.com.
I created a new account and now it shows me as logged in but any time I click the Add Topic it throws an error saying I don't have permission and it asks me to log in. But I am logged in. It shows my login name in the upper left.
I'm on FF 3.0 and WinXP. I want to report buts with FeedDemon 3.0 RC3.
I can't even send you a private email or message since I get the same error. So I'm posting here in hopes of getting through to you.
Please respond to me.

Never mind the previous post. Sorry. I finally got an email confirmation request. I never saw that one was coming. I figured there would be one but it didn't come for like 15 minutes. I'm in now that I've confirmed my account. Again, sorry for posting here.

Still waiting for the choice of an ad-free version. Happy to pay for this. Please!

i just did the conversion to Google Reader and now have a folder FAILED TO CONVERT TO GREADER with about 100 blogs (including very mainstream ones like APARTMENT THERAPY)

What now?

ok just checked on the forum and i see that you are working on a fix.

almost all of the blogs in there were from one folder they are not in their original folder = will the new build delete that "failed to convert folder" and move the blogs back to the folder?

i am going to wait to upgrade my other computers until this is fixed. thanks

I paid for FeedDemon years ago. I hate to see this happen, but what I am most disappointed to see is this FeedDemon version RC3 has ads. My license is of no consequence any longer?

@Brian How does a license for a *different version* of the application (or any application) have any bearing on the license for a *new version*? Any license you have is for the version you currently have installed. While synchronization will not be available, you are free to continue to use the version of FeedDemon you are currently using in perpetuity. It will no longer be supported or updated, but you have every right to continue to use the application. If you choose to upgrade to the new version, you will then be bound by the license terms for THAT version.

Even if this were still a paid app, you would still have to pay for this version, as it is a new major version.

Sorry Nick, I'm still struggling with Google Reader synchronization and is not yet working for me. I'm running behind this thread for a solution. (http://forum.newsgator.com/Topic50438-73-1.aspx).


I tried to post this bug in the Beta forum but I'm not getting the confirmation email to be able to create a post there. So here is the bug:

I am trying to use the Google Reader Shared folder. What I notice is that any clippings that I add from the “Note in Reader” bookmark don’t seem to show up within FeedDemon. I also don’t see any of the shared clippings on a second machine that is also running the version of FeedDemon. My shared folder has 43 items in Google Reader but only 41 show up on my first machine since they were added directly using this FeedDemon instance. The other two instances were added using the "Note in Reader" bookmark created using the note on the top left of the page in GoogleReader. My second machine also running FeedDemon doesn't show anything inside the Google Reader Shared folder.

So far I understand that you don't want to continue running a sync service but I will miss the web access that I used when traveling. I'm also waiting on an iPhone update so that I can once again mark articles to read later.

Awesome suggestion about syncing to your own server!!

I am still getting over the disappointment about the clippings feature being limited to one folder. I have about 10 that I share with my team. Although I am hoping that the tags subscriptions might provide a solution that is workable just not sure about the execution as yet.

I appreciate the hard work Nick! Personally I really need those segmented topics as shared clippings in some way shape or form.

Will the new GR feature "Send To" be available in FeedDemon?

I'm totally behind the "sync to your own server" option. I'm very wary of Google and I don't like to use it for storing personal stuff.
I suppose this option is not going to be implemented, so I guess I'll have to go look for an alternative reader, even a web-based reader would be better than Google imho. There are plenty of those around.

I was fun while it lasted.

Guys: I want Clippings folders on the WEB to be accessed ANYWHERE. Why is this so hard for Google to get?

@Yehor - who do you think GR stole the idea from? :)

That was a news which actually made me sad, because i am one of those feedDemon customers using Newsgator.
I hope those substitutes works.


Pity. I like Newsgator and the synchronisation of FeedDemon. I had only hopes for even more intelligent synching. I understand those hopes are now gone.

I just installed Win7 RTM and will download the beta RC4 of FD. I have a Google Reader account. How do I get my FeedDemon feeds over to Google's, that is not clear to me.

regards Ed

Thanks for the info, I love feeddemon, and sure it will still be great with the new changes.

Frankly, NewsGator Go! is MUCH better than Google Reader for mobile and I am quite unhappy to see it go. It's a shame you guys had the superior product and chose to give it up.

Confused a little... how do I now share any clippings folders with other people?

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