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Monday, September 21, 2009


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Thanks for the update! I've been meaning to get a beta for some time now.

Sorry Nick, beta fatigue kicked in some while back. I'm a big fan but I think you've WAY overdone the number of pre-releases on this, especially since every time I have to go through the whole first-time wizard again (No, don't subscribe to any new feeds... No, don't sync to Google...) even when I've chosen express setup. My other problem is that every update loses my toolbar customisations. When I was setting those up again and again on pretty much a daily basis I decided enough was enough. It's been stable for ages now anyway, so there's just no incentive for me to keep up with the updates. Quite the opposite.

Please, enough of the feature creep and just release it!

This is random and almost certainly not the right spot to request it, but have you thought about adding a "Send to Twitter" option when you right-click an item? Seems like the natural progression after the improvements to view Twitter RSS feeds. I currently use an awkward hack workaround (Send to Delicious, tag it, and then have the RSS feed for that Delicious tag sent to Twitterfeed ...)

@Matt W - It's not when you right click, but if you check the below article, it will show how to use the "Send To" icon below each post title to send a tweet (see item #7):


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