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Thursday, October 22, 2009


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Just bought it. Cheers Nick :)

Does the ad-free license cover multiple machines?

@Morgan: Thanks!

@Peter: Yes, the license covers multiple machines.

What if you were a 'paid' user before the whole newsgator thing?

Thanks for the reminder. Just bought a license.

@Mark: Please see this FAQ entry - http://www.bradsoft.com/feeddemon/help/3.0/faq/faq-oldserial.asp

I hate to be dense, but what is the URL to purchase FeedDemon 3.0?

@Paul: The simplest way to purchase a serial number is from within FeedDemon itself - just select "Purchase/Enter a Serial Number" from the Help menu.

Hi -Purchased the "ad-free" version a couple of days ago - but I am still having ads pop up - very frustrating. Can you help me make them go away?

@Kristi: FeedDemon doesn't use popup ads, so I'm assuming they're coming from the web site(s) you're viewing in FeedDemon. The best way to prevent these is to turn on Internet Explorer's popup blocker (Tools > Internet Options > Privacy), since this will also block popups in FeedDemon.

Tried to purchase it via the built in "Purchase a Serial Number" feature, but this resulted in an error and the recommandation to reinstall FeedDemon. OK, these sort of things happen. But now comes Nick's class into play: after clicking away the error message, another dialog appeared, being aware, that there was a problem and offering to direct me to the purchase page on the website. THAT'S what I call intelligent error handling!

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