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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


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this is not related to this release specifically. the open feeddemon window doesnt show up when using the 3d flip tool in windows 7. after trying a couple of times it sometimes shows up. can this be corrected?

Nick, just wanted to note that your screenshot shows FeedDemon as build and not 0.45. There might be a newer build which I haven't checked on yet.

Thanks for pointing that out, Abram. The latest version is - the version in the screenshot was incorrect (since corrected).

Hey, please come up with a Linux version or open source it (if possible :P ). Tired of running it in Wine :(
Thanks anyway for such a nice RSS reader.

How come i dont have a 'send to' button???

@Blake - answered in the forum

I really like this newsreader!! BUT there is one thing that is bugging me a bit..

Can you also list the starred feeditems (All Starred Items) in the listview (where it says now: no feed selected) in stead of only in the browserview. Paging the newsitems in the browserview is a bit anoying and nowhere near as comfortable as the the listitems.


Seconding Bjorn's request - same for when browsing tags too.

Thanks :)

Recommendations and Faster (human)Synchronization.

It would be great if there was a 'feature' which (heuristically?) traversed the feed headlines/content looking for potential duplicates. I have multiple feeds in the same category for a number of categories. Not all of these feed sources have identical feed items and I would like to do a 'union' of feeds, removing duplicates. Sometimes these feed items have literally identical headlines. I could sacrifice the uniqueness of some feeds' items and avoid the space and time spent to subscribe/read them and their duplicates...but I'd prefer not to.

A feed category (folder) could be enhanced to perform duplicate identification between sub-feeds and include those dupes as a folder-attached virtual feed. Dupes would be removed from each sub-feed and placed in the virtual feed for the folder (already done if you select folder...it aggregates the feed items in one view). The feed-specific item meta-data could be included in the item's heading as is done now (just multiples to show dupes of feed source/author/etc).

Over time, this would also inform the user which feeds are more 'me-too' sources (and could be un-subscribed) and which have more breadth/depth/uniqueness as an information source.

I'm looking to be able to cover more information and not sacrifice breadth by trimming sources.

@Wes: although FeedDemon doesn't have exactly what you're looking for, the "Popular Topics" report (View > Reports > Popular Topics) has a similar goal in mind. This report shows the topics that are being discussed the most within the feeds you're subscribed to, and I find it to be useful way to weed out topic duplication.

BTW, a subset of popular topics shows up as "Popular in My Subscriptions" when you click the root "Subscriptions" node in FeedDemon's feed list.

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