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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


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I'm one of the people who was disappointed when it became an ad-only product.

FeedDemon is one of the few apps I use every day, and it makes feed reading (especially offline) far easier and more organized than it would otherwise be.

As well as not wanting ads, given that it's so useful to me, I would be disappointed NOT to be able to send you payment for continuing to develop it.

As long as the upgrade is reasonably priced, for more than incremental improvements, and the old version will continue to function, that is fine. When Mailwasher went to a yearly subscription fee, I found quickly that I no longer needed it.

I don't mind paying for software if it provides value to me, which FeedDemon most definitely does! Thanks!

I'm with the others - I make my living writing software so I make sure I pay for good applications which I use daily.

I switched to FeedDemon when Newsgator was shot in the head. Although FD is not integrated into Outlook like I would prefer, I have gotten used to it and an upgrade with the My Stream could be very nice.

If I want to use FD Pro on two different computers, is that one paid license or two?


FeedDemon is one of the few applications that keeps me on Windows. I purchased it in the past, and I'll pay for it in the future if I can afford it.

I've purchased FD back when was a paid software (I think that was version 1.6) Will be eligible for upgrade discount?

If the Lite version is too heavily crippled, many users might switch to Google Reader.
FD is my favorite application.

Glad to see you are still working on FeedDemon. I purchased a serial number for 3.0 and will gladly do my tiny bit in continuing to support your work.

I purchased the first version of FD. I have enjoyed using it since. I am glad to see that you have continued to support and improve it. I would be willing to pay for the Pro version. I agree with the other commenter that I would prefer a straight purchase over a yearly subscription. Thanks for a great reader.

I purchased FD 2 and was quite happy with that. I've used the post-newsgator version 3, but didn't find the tiny adds in the corner annoying enough to pay to get rid of them.

Any chance the discount on version 4 will extend to registered users of version 2? After all they did pay a much larger price compared to the version 3 add removal.

And I will join in and say thanks for a great reader, and please don't go for an annual subscription scheme.

I have been using FD daily since v1 and if paying you for a new licence stops you from 'throwing in the towel' - then count me in.

I've been waiting for this announcement for a while now, as it felt like an obvious change taking everything into consideration.

At this point I still consider it worth paying for (filtering out unwanted content alone is such a timesaver) and will do so, but I can't help feeling a tad disappointed by this. I'm really hoping that this doesn't happen again with 4.5, 5.0 and so on. After this some have paid for FD twice, some thrice.

I do understand the need for this, I'm just concerned of the overall situation, including the scenario where not enough old users feel like paying for the updates and not gaining enough new users to keep FD alive and developed further.

Dang, I've been fiddling with my newspaper templates so much recently that I'm trying to formulate that into XSL in my head :D

My gloomy visions aside, can't wait to see to 4.0 Pro final.

The fence jumping from paid to non paid to advertisement supported is getting somewhat tiring.

I have purchased the application once already. v2, to almost immediately get caught by the Newsgator scenario.

I might just be a lost customer at this point.

I love the software, but your outlook towards your client base of paying customers is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

sell it or don't. but consistency and some appreciation for your existing support base is key here.

I use Feeddemon every day, I have no problems paying for the software, ideally I would be able to use the software/key on multiple computers. (Home/Work)-(Laptop/Desktop).

Wow, I'm pleasantly surprised to see so many positive comments about changing back to being a paid application - thanks, folks :)

@Gabe, @jps: As with FeedDemon 3.0, the serial number for FeedDemon Pro 4.0 will work on multiple computers. I've never liked the idea of charging people extra to run my software on more than one system.

Glad to hear that FD 4 is coming. I paid for 1.6 version, and I will pay for this one. It is one of my favorite applications.

@Eduardo: I'm afraid it won't be possible to offer an upgrade discount for those who purchased FD prior to v3.0.

I have no issue at all paying for my 3.0 -> 4.0 license upgrade. It's a great product and I use it daily!

However I'd wish you would invest a bit love in the News Articles list (e.g. support for multiple feeds so watches and folders can be used)

I've paid for every version of FeedDemon since Dec 2003, and will gladly upgrade to 4.0 Pro. Nick, thanks for all the development work you've done over the years, in making FeedDemon IMHO the best standalone feed reader in the Window's world. It's refreshing to see a software developer continually ask for input on new versions and then actually listen to their customer's feedback. Keep up the great work!

Nick, you've always provided high quality software and I'd happily pay for FeedDemon again, if I were still a Windows user.

I'm shocked when I see folks complain about paying for GREAT software. If you don't like the price, don't buy it, bit don't gripe that you have to pay for it.

As far as the folks that are threatening to stop being a customer I say, good riddance, you and FeedDemon are better off without them.

A man has to make a living.

While FeedDemon is one of a few pieces of software that I actually use daily and have didn't have a problem paying for initially, I'm somewhat disappointed by this. If memory serves, I have previously purchased two different versions of FD so far. I'll have to see when the pricing is announced if I feel its worth purchasing a third time.

It would be nice for long time users to have an additional licensing option to purchase a "lifetime" license that would include all future upgrades, both minor and major. This could generate more money up front for FD, but still reward some of the long time users when new versions are released.

I have used FeedDemon for years. I believe since the 1.? version. Not sure where I started, but I paid for the initial. I paid to get rid of the ads in the 3.0 version not because I felt like I needed to get rid of the ads, but because I wanted to support the programmer.

I hope this is the final change to the monetary model for FeedDemon as it gets a little frustrating and confusing for the users. As long as the upgrade cost is reasonable for those who just upgraded not that long ago then I'll be happy to support you so more. Wish also those beta testers that offered help to improve the product would get a little credit too.

@Lancecelot - In FD before/after the NewsGator era and in Nick's other applications, his policy has always been point release upgrades (3.1 to 3.5, for example) are free, a fee for major version upgrades (3.1 to 4.0)

Easily worth paying for, I shall gladly upgrade to and pay for FD 4.0.

Frankly, I'm not particularly keen on starting to pay again. Using the Lite version might be good enough for my needs, I'm not sure I'll need the Pro options. But I'm glad there will be options, and if the price is friendly, I might pay anyway to show support :)

BTW, while 'lifetime' licenses sound nice for the users, I've never understood how those can be attractive for the developer. From his point of view, *and* to induce continued development, a reasonable upgrade fee once every two years or thereabouts is much more attractive, as long as the amount is smallish and payment is easy.

Would be happy to pay an upgrade fee too.

I'm having terrible problems with the new beta on my work PC. Almost every link was causing an error and I couldn't shut it down (but I saw that one on the forums). The work PC still only has IE7, is that likely to be part of the issue as it would be stop me updating to the new version if it it?

If you look back at the comments on the post announcing ads in FeedDemon, I was one of the major critics of that plan. My big sticking point back then was that ads were being pushed on everyone, including people like me who had paid for previous versions and were willing to pay more for ad-free future versions.

When the serial code was offered, true to my word, I gladly handed over my money to strip out ads and all my complaints were settled.

This plan also addresses those concerns and, assuming the pricing isn't ridiculously high, I'll happily pay the upgrade fee. I consider it an investment in future development in the product, and I have no expectation or even desire to see you have to work on FeedDemon with nothing in return.

Besides, when I sent you a feature request on Twitter (smaller time increments to the panic button), you added it in the very next release. In my book, that was pretty darn awesome.

Well, I am of mixed feelings here. I was disappointed when FeedDemon was turned into a free but ad-supported program, especially since I owned a valid license at the time and received no credit for it. Now it is good to see FeedDemon going back to a paid app - but to offer discounts only for those who paid a small "tip" to remove ads in V.3? I had two valid licenses when FeedDemon was made ad-supported: one regular PC license and one for Windows Mobile.

After getting bit with two active licenses back then why should I purchase yet another license now that you've changed your mind again, Nick? What is to prevent you from changing it again halfway through this new license?

No, I don't think I'll pay full price again for another license.

Jim McGowan

I will gladly pony up the bucks when FD 4.0 Pro is available.

I first paid for v.1 of FD. When FD 3.0 went ad-supported I didn't bother to pay to remove them because they are so unobtrusive. I've been beta-testing the new release and have found I don't need some of the new features, particularly "My Stream". If the lite version isn't very crippled I might stick with that, but it's unlikely since I believe good software like this is worth supporting. I'll probably pay anyway when v.4.0 is released.

My wallet awaits. FeedDemon is one of the few pieces of software that I am glad to pay for. It's worth every penny.

I will definitely upgrade to FD4 when it comes out. I think it is fair that a paid version should have more features than the free version (not just removing the ads, like in v3). I've been paying for FD for many years and will continue to do so because I use everyday. Keep up the great work.

Nick, I think your product is fantastic and I have used it daily for at least a couple of years now. Moreover, whenever I have asked a question or given feedback on the forum, you have personally taken notice and responded, most recently in changing the default newspaper style to include wrapping.

Personally, I don't think I need the "Pro" features but, so long as the price is reasonable, I will definitely buy the new version. I also particularly appreciate the "pay once, use on multiple machines" facility - I know that this risks piracy, but I'm sure I'm not alone in having two machines at home and another at work where I use FeedDemon daily.

If you want to make all my dreams come true, then you would give us a true "portable" FeedDemon build. I work in a big, locked-down company but through circumstance, I ended up with workstation admin rights, and I can install and run FeedDemon at work. But I know that admin rights could disappear one day, and I'll be out of FD and onto Google Reader web when this happens. I just want to be able to run the program from a USB key.

Thanks for all of your hard work, and your attentiveness, and I look forward to supporting FD as a paying customer.

I use the ad-supported version currently, and have never understood the vehemence of some comments I've seen about the ads. I don't mind them, and if they help to pay at least a little towards the product, great. Looking at the new new Pro version, I've scanned the list of Pro features and to be honest don't see anything there that I'm interested in, so it probably doesn't affect me.

I am running the beta and had considered paying for the non-ad version before. However, plan to pay for the pro 4.0. I am slightly disturbed by the thought that I will have to pay again when there is a move to 5.0 - but I guess I will have to see what the pros / cons of that is and take it when it comes. This is wonderful software and something I do use daily.

I looked for a similar "Android" application, since I am completely locked down at work (Reader is even blocked) - and just have not found a match. Great work & definitely let everyone know if you ever do go mobile too!

Count me in as a future buyer... I bought the last paid version whenever that was, and think it's a great product--one that I've watched you support and enhance continuously since. I figure it's not your fault that in between coding sessions you apparently have to, you know... pay bills and eat from time to time.

I have paid every time I could for Feeddemon and will continue to do so in the future.

Thanks for all of your hard work,

@Martin - I think the criticism of the add-supported version was mainly about the lack of disclosure. See for instance http://www.donationcoder.com/Forums/bb/index.php?topic=20143.0

There is nothing in the installer that tells the user he is about to install adware, and the only hint at it on the homepage is buried in a FAQ answer somewhere.

Most people (including me, I'm using it with adds) don't mind adware if they know that is what they get.


I really don't get how people justify "I paid for version X 4 years ago, so I should get version Y for free or a deep discount" - I see it time and again, and this attitude still puzzles me.

As noted previously before/after the NG era he has been very consistent in his product pricing - free point releases, paid major releases. 3.x is kind of an odd duck because of all the NG issues that occurred in the middle of its development.

I read the announcement that there would be a paid version and a "light" version. I was one of people who really through advertising was a huge problem and would not be sustainable over time. I was also surprised at how fast Newsgator jumped ship and left Nick "hanging" in the wind.

I will pay for upgrade and tell my clients to do so also. I am firm believer that there are no free rides and you get what you pay for.

Feeddemon is a great productivity tool that is well worth the fee.

Thanks Nick and hope all is well after your move.


I suppose your piece of code is the best for rss on the net, sure.
I've only a comment... the search. Probably it is only not clear how to... but I would like to have the power to search in all post and my suggestion is to have the field (default) activated...
Great job!

Hi Nigel,

You can search all posts quite easily - just select Tools > Search, or hit Ctrl+F3. I'm not sure what you mean by "have the field (default) activated" - could you explain that further?


Like many others, I value my time and want to ensure my favorite app's like Feeddemon are around and kept current. Paying for a license shows you and me that I see value here, and gives me confidence the app will continue to be developed and supported.

IOW, I'm very happy to pay for software that does so much for me. Trust me, I spend bunches more on stuff that does way less!

Feeddemon is still one of my "core 5 desktop apps", so I would be OK to pay for it. I would be paying again, having recently paid to remove the ads in October 2009 (and *that* was worth it IMHO), so am hoping that the upgrade is not too steep.

Still, it's essential software and there is *still* nothing to match it for the desktop, IMHO, so I'm in.


I wasn't following beta closely so Lite/Pro thing caught me off guard.

Content filters are awesome feature. But suddenly loosing free feature is far from awesome experience.

Likely I won't be purchasing Pro version and now I have much less reasons to keep using Lite rather than just switching to Google Reader completely (content filters was one of last threads that kept me from trying latter).

I wish you all the best with future development and to keep FeedDemon awesome app that it is, even if it's no longer fits my personal needs and wants.

I don't think making newspaper styles only available for pro was such a good idea. It's a basic UI feature.

How much does the Pro version cost? I can't find it anywhere. Perhaps it could be found inside of new version, but I'm not going to install it atm.

@Padre: If you purchased a serial number for FeedDemon 3, the upgrade to FeedDemon Pro 4 is currently $9.95. If you didn't purchase the previous version, the price is $19.95.

Actually I already paid for v.4, but I'm also somehow disappointed / not feeling that good about the fact that

"Content filters are awesome feature. But suddenly loosing free feature is far from awesome experience."

you made on of my most-used (free!) features into an explicit pro feature! Also you did indeed change your licence model, even though mostly no one noticed:

You did change from Ad-supported FULL feature set to Ad-supported LITE feature set!! How is that an improvement in any way? Now I can't/couldn't choose between Ads and no ads - which frankly didn't bother me much in and of itself - (maybe you noticed this was a too little annoyance for most people too and changed it for this reason :P) but rather "full" or "lite" feature-set!! Which is a whole different story!

So I'm kinda disappointed this was sneaked through this way, still of course I continue to support the development and bought the upgrade.

I have paid for FeedDemon less than 2 mounth ago (10/17/2010) do I have to pay for it again?

In the the task bar icon doesn't go away when I minimize FeedDemon and have the tray icon activated, in all 4.0.0.XX previous versions it worked normally, FeedDemon would minimize to the system tray and disappear from the task bar.

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