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Friday, December 10, 2010


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Holy crap, it's like we're twins.

I'm pretty sure legislation was just passed that mandates commercials maintain a level of volume consistent with what is being watched. :) So maybe you can scratch 13 off your list . . . at some point. :)

I've never seen a fake eyebrow and not sure how to recognize one; something new. Certainly could have added the seemingly incessant FireFox updates.

Hey Nick, do you think you'll post your top 20 MAJOR annoyances~! =D

Your geeky #3 would be in my top 5 for certain.

I think people will disagree only on that Geeky part only :) Geeky part 2 and 3 yeah they will be my 1 and 2.

My number 1 annoyance is people who talk politics in places which I expect to be politics free. Are there no politics free zones left?

And here's a tip for you. Don't piss of potential paying customers by expressing your political views.

Well done, Nick, I agree in all but one point: Sarah Palin is not a minor annoyance but a pain in the a....

I'm really puzzled about No. 1: "People who blow their nose in restaurants"

What else are they supposed to do? Do you really want them ignore their runny nose and just let it, well, run? :D

Hey man, I came here to check out whether I wanted to upgrade to FD4 Pro...As I was perusing this post and saw you listed Sarah Palin in your top twenty annoyances I immediately made the purchase just on general principles. ;)

Ginchen, one could also go to the washroom to blow his nose or obstain from visiting restaurants while sick.

Sarah Palin irritates a lot of middle-aged guys because she reminds them of the pretty girls who wouldn't give them the time of day in high school.

No, actually Sarah Palin irritates a lot of middle-aged guys just because she is so irritating. To think I used to like The Learning Channel but these constant ads for her self-indulgent Alaska show make me turn the channel in a heartbeat.

And Sarah Palin irritates other middle-aged guys because of what she's accomplished, compared to what they've accomplished.

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