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Thursday, January 06, 2011


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Hey, i can translate it to spanish if you want :) send me a email or add me on msn.

It's good. Another good feature in FD - translate of the post. But it works for english language only ))
It would be good to have option to translate to main language, not only to english :)

@docker: Translation should automatically be into your language, as defined by the language you've selected in Google Reader's settings. But you can override this by adding the country code to the registry.

Simply create a string value named "GRLanguageCode" under the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Bradbury\FeedDemon\1.0\GReader and assign it your country code. If you're not sure of your country code, check this list:


Nick, thank you for this tip. It is working after regedit :)
Simple changing of language in options, nor changing language in Google Reader does nothing. I think FD checks this one time when first sync with google, and after that there is no way to change it without regedit.
I think you have to implement this right in program, when changing locale, or something elsewhere ))

I'm willing to translate FeedDemon in dutch. You can contact me by Twitter or http://www.webmens.be

Kind regards,

I would be happy to translate FeedDemon into Swiss if you wanted


I'm trying out Firefox 4 Beta on a Vista-loaded laptop. There's a repeating bug with the FF4 and FeedDemon favicons switching and vanishing when they're minimized to the taskbar. Just a head's up if you haven't seen it yourself.

If anyone is interested in translating FeedDemon into a language that isn't already supported, this older post describing how translation works is still valid:


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