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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


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My dog, Feste is a senior dogizen. He has always been the greatest dog ever. However, when he turned about nine or ten, he became even greater. He's still fit for his age (13), but now, he'd rather lay down on the sofa with his head my our lap than anything else in the world -- except having it in my wife's lap (he know who feeds him). Fortunately, having him lay his head in my lap is my favorite thing, also.

Nice story, I recently adopted a dog myself and have some of the same issues and pleasures. For the pulling I recommend a gentle leader, my dog bronze hates it while sitting still, but once she got used to it, it made walking her MUCH easier. It takes patience and the right prep. Don't just put it on!

@James I tried the gentle leader for a while. It worked with Ripley after some training, but Bella always resisted it (and she twice figured out how to get it off). In the end, I figured the pulling was probably a good thing since it lets them get more energy out, and gives me a workout at the same time.

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