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Monday, January 30, 2012


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What FB really needs is a setting in their news feeds with the option "Do you care about what articles this person reads." ;)

I agree with you but I think that the biggest problem is that many people will agree without reading the message carefully therefore not knowing exactly what they are agreeing to.

Frictionless sharing cannot be associated with social portals or mobile apps, due to the tremendous number of parameters that the user can interact with (let alone the profile visitor).

And, as you put it, the sharing API is another thing to remember, or use a meta app or website to handle it like mypermissions.org

It bothers me that somebody went ahead and did this.

Did they think before they acted?

Did they work through what this means to real people of all types?

I for one have diminishing respect for the people behind this.

I think we need to think more about splitting the Internet in different pieces. ;-) Things like this, and the increasing failure of search might say that there's big chunks that I might never want to see again!

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